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Study: Increased levels of flame retardants found in children and adults

Study: Increased levels of flame retardants found in children and adults

According to a study recently released by Duke University, EWG and other universities, the level of flame retardants in the bodies of adults and children has increased drastically between 2002 and 2015. According to the study, levels of chlorinated Tris, or TDCIPP, rose fifteen fold in adults while levels in children were found to have increased four times in that same time frame. While this isn’t the first time levels of flame retardants in humans has been researched, this study marks the first time the outcomes have revealed such dramatic shifts over a long period of time.

Flame retardants are used in everyday products to slow or stop the spread of fire. They’re commonly found in car seats, upholstered furniture, televisions, computers, clothing, baby toys and much more. While not all flame retardants are harmful, and there are Federal guidelines designed to limit the amount of the chemical in products, overexposure can be harmful to humans. That's because they have been linked to health challenges such as cancer, hormonal changes and even cause fertility issues.

Fortunately, customers of T.Y. Fine Furniture don't have to worry about flame retardants in anything purchased from us. That's because we don't sell anything containing flame retardants, or any chemical or unnatural material, for that matter. We are dedicated to promoting healthful, hypoallergenic living so our customers don't have to worry about anything unnatural contaminating them or their homes. That includes our hypoallergenic mattresses, bedding, pillows, leather recliners, luxurious massage chairs or custom-made wood furniture from us.

 We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Decorators' Show House, Here We Come!

Decorators' Show House, Here We Come!

We are very excited and proud to announce that T.Y. Fine Furniture will be teaming up with award-winning interior designer Angela Bonfante in the bi-annual Decorators' Show House, sponsored by the Columbus Museum of Art. The event will be held April 23 through May 14, 2017 in the museum's historic Ross building.

Bonfante, who will be participating in her first Decorators' Show House, said she selected T.Y. Fine Furniture for her space because "I love the clean lines of mid-century modern furniture that Tarik and his craftsmen build. T.Y. Fine Furniture offers something not readily available in Columbus--high quality, mid-century modern furniture that is well built and long-lasting. That, and Tarik is super easy to work with."

While we won't spoil the surprise about what we will be providing Bonfante's designer showroom,, we will tell you it will be the first of its kind ever to be created for the Show House (really!)

Please be sure to stop by the Decorators' Show House to view all the spaces created by some of Columbus's top interior designers, including our personal favorite, Angela Bonfante.





February 24, 2017 by Tami Kamin Meyer
TY Fine Furniture Showroom Clintonville

We're making progress on our new home!


Just around the time spring flowers will be brightening yards and gardens, T.Y. Fine Furniture will be opening the doors of its new Clintonville location.

 At 7,000 square feet, the shop’s new home at 4555 North High Street is nearly four times the size of our current Merion Village location, and we have big plans for our larger space.

For example, we’re excited to be expanding our inventory of hypo-allergenic and all natural Naturepedic and Savvyrest mattresses as well as organic bedding and pillows. We will also be adding to our team of craftsmen to ensure we have the manpower in place to create the handmade, solid custom wood furniture we have become known for. Because we know our clients do more than sleep, we will be expanding our line of top quality, all-natural living room furniture including comfortable couches, luxurious leather recliners and top-quality Inada DreamWave massage chairs.

Our new shop, which was erected in the 1950s, is in pristine condition and once housed the Clintonville library. Because we are focused on encouraging healthful living, we are installing climate-controlled, state-of-the-art, high efficiency heating and cooling systems. The space will also be upgraded to meet LEED requirements, so the roof, windows, insulation and lighting will all be replaced to reflect our core values.

Because we value the significance of the building’s architecture, we will also be seeking to have it placed on the National Registry of Historic Places once the renovation has been completed.

We will keep you posted as we lovingly restore an architectural gem into the diamond it is.

February 17, 2017 by Tami Kamin Meyer

What you need to know about EMFs and Spring Mattresses.

It seems like at least once a week a customer asks me about EMFs and how they may impact their sleep and health. As a Mechanical Engineer with a strong Physics background, I naturally have more experience with the subject than those simply surfing the web. 

What is EMF? It is an Electro Magnetic Field. Where do EMFs come from? Anything electronic emits EMFs naturally. Your computer, cell phone, the lights in your home, the power outlet next to your bed and the power lines in your walls. EMFs are really almost everywhere. People often accurately refer to EMFs as EMF radiation, making it sound scary, dangerous and unhealthy. But lets understand this term first. 

So lets talk Physics. EMFs are a waveform, or a type of radiation if you prefer to call it that. You deal with and are exposed to various types of safe radiation every minute of everyday. Things like natural light, artificial light, radio signals, cell signals, remote controls are all forms of radiation that are proven 100% safe. Other radiation that is considered unsafe includes UV rays, X rays, and gamma rays are considered dangerous. But why?

 EMFs and mattresses

Waves are measured by their length amplitude and frequency. When you measure a large wave, such as a radio wave, you see the wave length up to 10000 meters long, a wave that is so large, can travel large distances and will literally bounce off anything it contacts, a reason radio moves so far. Waves get closer to the Ionizing side of the spectrum, their length is so small .0000001 meters long, that they can directly manipulate and deform cells in a persons body. Making them dangerous to be exposed to. 


Here is an excellent video showing how little you mattress springs impact EMF fields! If anything, they will actually reduce them, not magnify them as some people claim. 

And here he tests if it amplifies EMF waves..
As you can see, spring mattresses have 0% impact on the level of EMF exposure your body is exposed to, but fortunately, we know EMFs are nothing to be afraid of. 
August 16, 2016 by Tarik Yousef

T.Y. Fine Furniture adds the Perfect Chair to its inventory

What attributes make a chair perfect? How about one that features zero gravity reclining, the softest and most welcoming leather material while usurping only a minimal amount of space?

We think this beautiful recliner is just about perfect, so now we offer three versions. All three are designed to alleviate back pain. They also feature zero gravity reclining which allows the user to raise their legs higher than their back lays back. That position improves blood flow and circulation throughout the body, reducing body aches and pains.

Crafted by Human Touch, the Perfect Chair comes in three models. One reclines manually while the second by motorized movement. The third, considered the deluxe model, allows the user to adjust the recline and footrest features individually, so the experience can be custom-made to the seater’s delight.

In tests gauging the effects of the Perfect Chair on the human body, researchers found that when the lounger is reclined to zero-gravity, electromyography results show reduced electrical activity in the muscles which were no longer contracting and were free from stress.

The Perfect Chair ranges in price from $1,999 to $3,299. We’d love to have you come in to test the Perfect Chair so you can experience the magical impact it has on stressed and achy backs and muscles. You might want to bring a cozy blanket because it’s likely you won’t want to get up!


The Perfect Chair is available in three models PC-410 a manual model, PC500/ PC510 a Motorized model, and PC-610 with two motors for added comfort. 

May 20, 2016 by Carlin Esslinger
Pillow Talkin’ at T.Y. Fine Furniture

Pillow Talkin’ at T.Y. Fine Furniture

Even before Doris Day and Rock Hudson made pillow talk the rage, people have found comfort and enjoyment from pillows of all shapes, sizes and textures. Pillows are also an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a décor, introduce pop and color into an area or just be sure there’s somewhere cozy and comfortable for people to prop their head.

With all of that in mind, T.Y. Fine Furniture’s pillow inventory has expanded dramatically. For example, we now offer over a dozen organic pillow options in various sizes. We’ve also increased our offerings to include pillows whose covers are made from wool, kapok, cotton, shredded latex, solid latex and even Verona Blends made from a mixture of these ingredients.

Colors and shapes vary, too, so you needn’t worry you’ll be going home with a ho-hum square pillow. Because we know that sometimes pillows get dirty, we made
sure to offer only pillows whose covers are removable and machine-washable.

Our pillows range in price from $79 to $169 , so their cost is as soft and welcoming as they are.

Come on in to experience the comfort of these amazingly welcoming pillows.

You’ll feel like your head is sleeping on cotton.

Tarik is going back to high school

Upper Arlington School

I look back on my years at Upper Arlington High School, located in a suburb of Columbus, with great fondness. Since graduating in 2001, I have been an active alumni by attending events, speaking with students about entrepreneurship and even buying a home for my family in the same neighborhood where I grew up.

 Therefore, it is with great pleasure I announce I have been asked to participate in an exciting initiative starting at the high school relating to its Industrial Technology curriculum. Called ‘Project Lead the Way,’ the initiative will offer courses founded in a national engineering program that will grow into a four-course sequence over the next few years.

I am excited to participate in this worthwhile program for several reasons. First, students completing the sequence of classes will earn college credit, which will save them time and money when they go to college. I’m also honored to share my background and experiences with the sciences and small business with current Upper Arlington students.

 As a member of the Advisory Committee for the initiative, I will be walking the hallways of my alma mater on my way to the various classrooms where I will be speaking with and advising students about how they can apply their engineering and science acumen in the Real World. I will also share my insights into what it takes to be a small business owner, an endeavor I enjoy and treasure but one that would probably have been easier if I had more advisors along the way.


And yes, I will definitely be looking for my old locker!

March 18, 2016 by Tarik Yousef
Can you picture yourself lounging on an all-natural, organic sofa?

Can you picture yourself lounging on an all-natural, organic sofa?

Verona Organic Sofa 

Providing ways for our customers to live a comfortable and natural life is at the heart of T.Y. Fine Furniture’s mission. So when we learned about a luxurious couch constructed with the finest in natural fibers, we knew it was right for us. And hopefully, for you, too.

The Verona Sofa offers elegant and organic seating complete with cushions constructed of natural latex wrapped in luxurious organic wool batting. The finest in certified organic materials such as cotton duck, sturdy hemp and a soft hemp-cotton blend comprise the cushions, so you know every moment spent on this unique creation will be soft and luxurious. While this natural sofa is formal enough for a living room, its simple elegance makes it ideal for any décor. Not only that, seat cushions can be customized to the owner’s preference and, as such, are available as either firmer or softer.

The Verona Sofa features other characteristics that make it stand out among its lesser peers. For example, materials involved in creating the Verona include:

  • Certified sustainable solid hardwood (maple)
  • GOTS-certified organic upholstery (in hemp, cotton duck or a hemp-cotton blend)
  • Cradle-to-Cradle certified Natural Talalay latex foam
  • Natural jute webbing
  • Natural coir (coconut fiber with natural latex)
  • Zero-VOC natural linseed oil
  • Low-VOC water-based stain with linseed coating

Moreover, the authentic Verona Sofa uses no flame retardants, formaldehyde glue, cardboard, metal coils, particle board, plywood or veneer. All natural means just that, so no fake fillers are used in these beauties.

Every Verona Sofa also enjoys unparalleled attention to construction details such as Mortise-and-Tenon joinery and removable seat and back cushions. Each Verona Sofa is built by hand by Savvy Rest, a highly regarded manufacturer of organic mattresses based in central Virginia.

Not only is this amazing sofa constructed from the finest in natural fibers and materials, it is available in several colors, too. Selections include Lavender, Navy, Brown, Black, White, Honey and Sweet Potato. Yes, Sweet Potato!

We look forward to welcoming you to the shop and showing you the amazing luxuries this wonderful organic sofa offers.

Learn More here

Naturepedic Free Sheet set Promotion!

Naturepedic Free Sheet set Promotion!

Enjoy a healthy night’s sleep on Naturepedic certified organic cotton sheets, on us! When you purchase a Naturepedic Organic Luxury Mattress, you will receive a free sheet set to match. You will rest easy on luxurious organic cotton sheets, featuring an elegant chablis pattern to complement any decor.

 Download Coupon Now

Stop by our store between Friday, February 12, and Monday, February 15, to take advantage of this special promotion. Why Organic? An organic mattress and sheet set offers a sleep environment free from questionable chemicals and off-gassing. Naturepedic mattresses use certified organic latex, cotton, and wool for natural luxury and support. When you spend eight hours each night on your mattress, shouldn’t you know what you are sleeping on? We can’t wait to see you in the store! Legal:


*Free sheet set excludes crib and kids’ mattresses. Offer valid in store only at participating Authorized Naturepedic Retailers. While supplies last. See store for details. Cannot be used with other offers, discounts or promo codes. Cannot be applied to past purchases. Naturepedic reserves the right to add, remove or modify items on this promotion without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.

February 12, 2016 by Tarik Yousef

Join us for a Merriment Celebration December 12 and 19

"Merry In" The Village

The coming holidays are the ideal opportunity to enjoy family fun time. Because of that, your friends in Merion Village look to make those festive times merrier by hosting two Saturdays of frolic December 12 and December 19.

From family-friendly baking experiences, pop-up shops, local artisans and food and drink specials, all kinds of fun can be had. Think of it as a Holiday Hop, all within the same building!

Pop-up shops will include Clover’s Hemp, Coppercurious, Love Yo Pup, Acupuncture and Wellness of Merion Village and even two vendors from Yelp’s 50 under $50 holiday guide. There will be a free cookie decorating table from 11 am-1 pm, sponsored by Sitting Made Simple and free gift wrapping, too.

Bake Me Happy will be offering gluten-free treats and baking classes on both Saturdays. On December 12, from 11-1, a Gingerbread House Making Class ($55) will be held, by registration only. Sign up at http://bitly.com/BMHGingerbread. A pie-baking experience ($25) will be offered on December 19 from 11-1. Register at http://bitly.com/BMHPies.

Other merchants participating in the Merriness Celebration include T.Y. Fine Furniture, a custom-furniture manufacturer and organic mattress sales boutique, where local musician John Millard will entertain on Dec. 12 from 11-1. The Well Groomed Male Spa will be offering free demos.

Guests looking to sip their cares away can hop across the street to the Southbend Tavern, where drink specials will be offered all day until 4 pm.

So come on over to 116 East Moler in Merion Village for holiday fun and merriness. Plenty of free parking is available.

December 10, 2015 by Tami Kamin Meyer