Standard Wood Options

These are the most common wood types available in the shop, they also happen to be the most popular selections and some of the finest North American wood options.

Cherry Wood
Click here to learn more about Cherry
Walnut Wood
Maple Wood

Upgrade Wood Options

These are the most common domestic wood upgrades. They represent rare variations upon more common North American Hardwoods.
       Curly Maple (tiger pattern)                    Birdseye Maple                               Curly Cherry                 


Less Common Domestic Wood Options

Elm                                      Birch                             Ambrosia Maple                       White Ash



Import Wood Options

These woods are imported from various places across the globe. Although I can source import woods, I strongly suggest the use of domestic hardwoods. For a variety of reasons and applications, sometimes an import hardwood is the best or only option. 


                                                                             Wenge                                        Zebrano                                   Bubinga


Domestic Wood Samples

Click here to order a set of domestic wood samples. Borrow them for as long as you like. Send them back for a full refund so other customers may use them!